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Welcome To Antwerp

Antwerp is a metropolis on a human scale. Discover our vibrant attractions, ranging from interesting museums and fun sights right through to surprising spots and architectural delights. From Het Steen, the highlight of your visit to a dazzling nightlife: you’ll never tire of Antwerp!

Top 10 attractions for an unforgettable visit to Antwerp

So here it is: the ultimate Antwerp Bucket List. Find out in this list what every Antwerp native and visitor needs to have done in this beautiful city.

48 hours in Antwerp, a splendid experience

Time speeds by when you’re in Antwerp. There is so much to experience here, from Baroque master Peter Paul Rubens’s artistic legacy, the Railway Cathedral, the port that is this city’s lifeblood, ground-breaking fashion, sparkling diamonds and much, much more. Prepare yourself for 48 hours in Antwerp.